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Navshika Beeharry (fondly known as ‘Shika’) passionately juggles a portfolio career as a policy professional, charity freelancer, blogger and speaker with a love for paying forward her skills by offering pro-bono advice to African NGOs.

Shika delivers bespoke consultancy services to charities across Africa to help them review, and manage, their prolonged foreign aid dependencies. As part of this, she documents the indigenous narrative of life overseas, so that the global diaspora can take the lead in exploring solutions that protect their people and foster positive intercultural relationships in the process.

In 2015, she was selected to volunteer in Tanzania as part of the UK Government’s International Citizen Service, and later fought against the traditional and competitive international development sector by becoming unemployed in her wait to find paid work. Taking matters into her own hands, this inspired her decision to independently engage with organisations through the power of social media and networking, whilst juggling a portfolio career as a policy/governance professional delivering high-profile assignments within the UK public sector.

Since 2016, Shika has worked with VSO, Restless Development, RESULTS, UK Parliament and ‘Project Everyone’ – a Sustainable Development Goals campaign founded by Richard Curtis (British screenwriter and film director).

In October 2017, Shika was invited to speak about her career journey so far at a TEDx conference organised by the University of Royal Holloway (TEDxRHUL) and began managing Communications & Partnerships for Kailend in January 2018.

As of 2019, Shika is on a mission to build a portfolio of clients showcasing the work she has done, with an aim to work with international development organisations seeking to better represent, respect and respond to the needs of the indigenous people that they work for, and that work for them, ensuring that global development becomes inclusive and interculturally robust for the future of our interconnected world.

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